It’s time to set your life and business free.

I guide coaches, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs towards highly profitable, heart-centered lives + businesses, filled with dream clients, reckless passion and effortless flow.

I help men and women with big hearts, dreams and goals figure out what they want, how to get it and how to create outrageously fulfilling lives around giving their gifts to the world.

I show smart and spirited people how to tap into their brilliance and wisdom and infuse their lives with creativity, intuition and flow.

If any of these sound like you… then let’s talk.

So What’s My Story, You Ask? Why Do I Care So Much?

Well, it all started at about 8 years old.  Seriously.  While other kids were busy playing video games and little league sports, I was fascinated with the human mind and spirit.  All I cared about was understanding how people ‘worked’ … why people did the things they did, why they said what they said, why some were happy and some were sad… why the world is like it is… why did they believe the things they did and think the thoughts that they had…

I guess you could say I was destined for this work from a young age…

That sense of curiosity and wonder led me down a path of self-discovery that would take me across the world and back multiple times and also put me face to face with my own mind, my own beliefs, my strengths and talents and my own insecurities, fears and doubts.

It got rough and scary at times, like being $70,000 deep in student debt, not sure what my path was and struggling with self doubt, but overcoming these and the other challenges I faced during my journey of self discovery and healing gave me a deep, intricate knowledge of the inner workings of the mind, body and spirit…

…and allowed me to go on to create multiple conscious businesses, living my passions, making an awesomely abundant 6-figure living doing so.

It was through doing my own internal work that I learned what it truly takes to be happy, healthy, successful and free and how to teach others how to do the same for themselves.

Most importantly, there was always one defining characteristic throughout my journey… no matter where I was in life, no matter how high or how low… I always followed my passions–what brought me to life–whatever it was in that moment.  That was my guiding light and it has never led me astray.

And as I continued to grow, heal, evolve, learn and expand, I noticed that my happiness, health and success would also expand in direct proportion to the progress I made.

The more I said yes to my passions and who I truly was, the better my life got.

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

A defining moment happened one day, when my first mentor walked into my life and took me under his wing, giving me his time, wisdom and advice freely.  This was a man who was paid handsomely to give talks to business and world leaders.  This was a man who was a mentor, coach and spiritual guide to billionaires.  A man who defied all odds and became one of the first black students to attend Notre Dame–going on to receive no less than three Ph.D’s during his time there.  A man who had dedicated his life to helping people overcome what was holding them back, get connected with their passions and give their gifts to the world.

Working closely with John gave me the foundational knowledge I needed to take my journey as a conscious entrepreneur, coach and leader to the next level and fully step into my personal power.

In the years that followed I went on to:

+ Create and launch one of the world’s top mind body spirit magazines and work with the planet’s most respected conscious authors, teachers, healers and experts

+ Serve as the Director of Media and Marketing for one of the world’s leading green companies, honing my business development and marketing skills and generating millions of dollars of new revenue by finding and tapping into new markets and building out new platforms for growth

+ Build one of the world’s most popular self-growth websites, which received over 3 million visitors in it’s first year and sold thousands of healing products to seekers worldwide

+ Launch a high-end superfoods brand bringing the world access to rare, highly nutritious, healing foods and medicine

+ Mentor countless individuals on how to find greater freedom, happiness and success in their lives through a combination of inner healing work and developing highly profitable, holistic business and marketing models that helped them bring their messages, services, products and gifts to the world

+ Work with three other master level coaches, mentors and spiritual guides who helped me to further develop my skills as a mentor and coach in all areas from high-level business and marketing strategies to evolving my spiritual awareness, intuition and methodology for helping people create lasting, positive change in their lives

And Most Importantly…

+ Develop a unique holistic coaching methodology based around the principles of flow combining deep healing and spiritual work with business and marketing training to help conscious entrepreneurs experience a new level and definition of success, freedom and flow

So if you are ready to breakthrough what’s holding you back and create more success, freedom and flow in your life + business, let’s talk about how we can make that a reality for you.

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