“One of the best decisions I have made in a decade was to work with Justin and because of it I have been making better decisions every day.

Decisions that have led to a life I couldn’t even have imagined. My new co-living startup is coming together effortlessly and I have already attracted the attention and support of some of the most important celebrities and advisors in the space. I am forever grateful and forever on this path with you.”

Adam-Roa-TestimonialStephanie O’Brien

Award Winning Real Estate Broker / Developer, Founder, Aashna Living

Ranked among the top 1% of real estate specialists nationwide by The Wall Street Journal, Stephanie has facilitated over $800 million in sales volume and earned more than two dozen awards during her 15+ years as an expert in the industry.

“Working with Justin over the last 4 years has been the single best investment in my life.

I can attest that everything he says is hype-free and the Flow and consciousness-expanding processes he takes you through are worth their weight in gold. Since working with him my business has grown substantially and I am now working and collaborating with some of the biggest and most respected names in the marketing world, but more importantly I have grown into the person I always knew I had the potential to become.”


Adam-Roa-TestimonialJoshua Long, MBA

Author and Entrepreneur

Former adjunct professor of business and founder of the Bottleneck Breakthrough Group, Josh is a globally recognized expert in organizational dynamics, marketing and scaling strategies working with a number of high-growth companies over the last decade.

“The Flow process I went through with Justin and Jackie has had an incalculable impact on my life and business.

Before working with them, I found myself in overdrive most of the time doing things I felt I “had to” and most days felt like a struggle. I also knew my business was not in full alignment with my purpose and it was draining my energy. I was finding it hard to make a change. I felt like the way I was operating wasn’t sustainable and I knew I was holding myself back on many levels.

The idea of living radically from my intuition was what drew me into the Flow process. After working through the teachings, I found myself in a much deeper state of peace and joy. I realized life and the way we operate shouldn’t be “hard”, flow is our natural state.

Fast forward to today, my life is better than I could have imagined. I feel a sense of possibility almost every single day. I’ve given myself permission to design and live my life exactly the way I want it.

I’ve spent the last 3 years living our dream, traveling around the world with my husband and son. Then, just last year we ended up sailed right into our dream home overlooking the ocean. Our home is now a huge source of inspiration for the work we do. I’ve just launched a social impact business training and retreat company and I finally feel like I am living on purpose and with purpose every single day. I can’t recommend their mentorship enough if you’re truly committed to realizing your fullest potential.”

Adam-Roa-TestimonialLeesa McGregor

Serial Entrepreneur, Impact Investor and Futurist

Throughout her distinguished 20 year career in the social-impact space, Leesa has managed and grown more than a dozen ventures, including three media-technology companies, a renewable energy company and an online education platform. Today, she travels and speaks globally on building a regenerative future and accelerating social impact using business as a force for good.

“Justin has studied so many different modalities with so many different people that I felt like I was getting to learn from 8 different experts every time we got on a call.

He is one of the few people I’ve ever met with a thirst for knowledge as insatiable as my own. He supported me as I launched my company and his guidance helped me to become an internationally recognized spoken word artist with over 150 million video views and counting. I am now a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader who gets to travel the world doing what I love. It continues to surprise me just how easy and effortless life can become once you find your flow, and I will forever be grateful to Justin for helping me find mine.”

Adam-Roa-TestimonialAdam Roa

International Speaker, Filmmaker and Spoken Word Artist

Hollywood actor turned spoken word artist, filmmaker and transformational thought leader, Adam’s work is a strong voice for higher consciousness and self-love. His spoken word videos have been featured on major news outlets and social media channels earning him over 150 million views in the last year alone and invitations to present at leading international events and conferences.

“Justin’s guidance on living more deeply in flow helped me to make big shifts in my life quickly, which resulted in $80k in sales in just a couple of weeks.

I love the flow principles! I teach my clients about creating abundance, but I had hit a plateau in my business for a couple months. Justin’s guidance on living more deeply in flow helped me to make big shifts in my life quickly, which resulted in $80k in sales in just a couple of weeks. I love what Justin teaches because it is grounded in science and the way he approaches everything lays out a clear path to not just create little shifts here and there, but to actually master the art of living in flow.”

Adam-Roa-TestimonialTera Maxwell, Ph.D.

Affluence Coach, Founder, A-Life academy

Tera is an internationally renowned affluence coach, energy medicine practitioner, author, speaker and expert on healing generational trauma patterns. She combines her unique multidisciplinary background and skills to create transformational experiences and programs for business leaders and emerging cultural influencers looking to expand their abundance and self-mastery.

“Justin is an all-around brilliant coach and mentor. His ability to combine proven business success with the latest in consciousness expanding techniques makes him a rare and valuable advisor.

He’s a master of advanced marketing strategies, new business endeavors, and has all the latest tools to assist you in discovering and aligning with your brilliance. Justin’s a passionate teacher who cares deeply and is an authentic leader that continues to inspire me. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking to align with their brilliance and discover a life filled with abundance, prosperity and flow.”

Adam-Roa-TestimonialDavid Barnes

Co-Founder, Peace of Mind Overtures

David has consulted with hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S. His diverse client base includes the Federal Government’s Office of Planning and Management, The Center for Leadership Development, The U.S Air Force, NOAA, and Starbucks.