In the last 7 years I’ve built three multiple 6-figure companies, a multi-million dollar e-commerce business and a growing media platform that has impacted over 20 million lives worldwide. I’ve been invited to speak everywhere from the UN to groups of the world’s top change-makers, social impact investors and thought leaders and been invited on as an advisor to multiple global-scale evolutionary change projects with leading social activists, technologists and disruptive innovators to solve the planets biggest problems like climate change and the transition to a new sociopolitical system that supports all life—human and otherwise—to thrive.

I get paid to travel to the worlds most beautiful and exotic places, I’ve released acclaimed research papers on the nature of reality and consciousness, produced and directed an award winning documentary film, had my work covered in Forbes and Fast Company, been invited on as the Director of Marketing for a $160 million dollar company been gifted over $500,000 in coaching and mentorship, developed and run multiple high level Flow training programs for world leaders and entrepreneurs and regularly do consulting for startups and growth stage companies with social-impact driven missions.

And I say this humbly not to brag or boast but to illustrate what is possible when you shift into a mindset of infinite possibility, learn the keys to bending reality and creating hyper-growth and success.

Rewind 7 years ago and I had just graduated university over $60,000 in debt and working a part time job at a local health food store, my degree in the field of environmental science leaving me completely unprepared for any kind of job in the real world.

I knew nothing about business.
I knew nothing about public speaking or being a leader and the idea of it scared the shit out of me.
I had no network or connections.
And I knew very little or nothing about any of the things I currently spend the vast majority of my time doing.

In fact, It was worse than that.

I was actually going $1300 more into debt every month because I couldn’t stand being at my soul-sucking health food store job more than a few hours a week and so I went back to school at the local community college after getting my bachelors degree just so I could qualify for more student loans to make ends meet until I could figure something better out.

I was spiraling into a sea of debt and struggling with intense anxiety over the whole situation and the perilous uncertainty of my future…

And then something completely unexpected happened.

Through a series of incredible synchronicities I woke up to the (at the time) harsh yet liberating truth that I was creating my reality.

EVERYTHING changed overnight.

With nothing to lose, I stepped fully into the drivers seat of my life and slammed down on the gas pedal.

Within a week I was being personally mentored by one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and executive coaches who otherwise exclusively worked with billionaires and the ultra wealthy and served as a president, advisor and consultant to the worlds top universities from Notre Dame to elite private schools and the entire UC system.

He taught me many things, but by far the most profound was that he demonstrated to me that truly anything was possible. He was a master of bending reality, flow magic and creating hyper-growth and success effortlessly.

My life instantly began to expand in unbelievable ways as I tapped into the power of my own mind and consciousness to shape reality on my own terms.

Over the course of the next 7 years virtually every dream and bucket list vision I had for myself would take shape with incredible effortlessness and ease.

But there was one problem: he couldn’t explain to me the exact mechanics of how it all worked.

I couldn’t deny that the practices he taught me we’re getting phenomenal results, but deep down I knew there was more that he was missing to the whole process and if I just understood the mechanics of how it all worked it would allow me to get even better results more quickly and make the process of learning to live like this take weeks and months instead of years like it had under his mentorship.

So I set out on a journey to deeply understand the nature of reality…

…how it operated and how bend it, the mechanics of creating hyper-growth and success effortlessly… how to live fully in the flow so that your visions took shape with lightning speed and how to live a life that others believed was impossible at worst and magic at best…

…and after years of researching, experimenting, real world testing and refinement, it took shape and I began to share what I had learned with others who weren’t interested in living in ‘default reality’ but knew there was something far greater that they were capable of.

This was the litmus test.

Sure it worked for me but could I transfer the magic to other people?

How do you go about rewiring someone’s consciousness so that they begin reliably experiencing extraordinary things like this?

This question was my Northstar in the months and years that followed.

And finally it birthed:

A set of simple yet extraordinarily powerful practices and principles that unlocked a reality of high flow and effortless expansion, hyper-growth and success for anyone that applied them fully.

I had developed a new operating system for human consciousness that could be plugged into anyones mind and would allow them to experience a reality that others believed was impossible.

Since that time and soon after partnering with fellow master of bending reality Jackie Knechtel, we joined forces combined our unique systems together and birthed a new hybrid methodology called Flow Consciousness that we have now taught to thousands of people worldwide in our workshops and talks and taken hundreds through our core training, Flow Mastery.

The people who have applied what we each have done incredible things like:

+ Go from virtually unknown in their industry to top, in-demand global corporate culture and community expert getting flown around the world to work with some of the world’s largest companies like ING and other billion dollar companies in just a few months

+ Go from struggling with depression and anxiety to getting their new business venture accepted into the worlds most prestigious startup incubators, Singularity University, in just 6 months and have multiple billion dollar companies vying to become their customer as they tested their product

+ Sold their screenplays for 7 figures to top production studios, become sought after executive producers overnight for big name Hollywood films and been offered the opportunity to write prime time shows for major studios like Netflix

+ Countless people 2x-10x or more their personal income or company revenue in just a few weeks/months simply by making internal shifts and aligning fully with flow

+ Multiple people calling in their dream relationships and soul mates after years of struggling with unfulfilling partnerships

+ Go from personal trainer to sought after spoken word artist with their videos being regularly shared on some of the world’s largest websites and Facebook pages, landing prime time acting gigs on NBC series, traveling the world as a sought after speaker and becoming a highly paid coach and thought leader in under a year

+ Countless people erasing their deepest fears, anxieties, self-doubts and traumas in weeks using our cutting-edge healing and inner rewiring techniques

+ Multiple people being invited into executive level dream jobs at major companies out of the blue after making simple internal shifts

+ Many people launching their lifelong dream projects and finding almost instant traction, investors, success, resources and whatever they need to thrive falling into their lap

And the stories continue to unfold daily as a growing army of people begin to master this way of life.

The only difference is it doesn’t take 7 years like it did for me.

We have honed our methodology to the point where this kind of magic can begin to happen in a matter of weeks and months.

Our system of living in Flow Consciousness, bending reality and creating hyper-growth and success in your life + business has been highly refined into a practical art and science that anyone can learn in a very short period of time.

So if you are ready to breakthrough what’s holding you back and create more success, freedom and flow in your life + business, let’s talk about how we can make that a reality for you.

Your dream life is waiting for you. The only question is, are you ready to say yes to it?